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"EmarEstate" is an established Real Estate Marketing firm in Kolkata since 2016,curently It works as a registered Channel Partner with some Selective Developers,Promoters & Registered with West Bengal HIRA Reg.No.HIRA/A/NOR/2018/000064,Operating in kolkata ,normaly company focus on Marketing & Sales activities of their respective projects in entire kolkata, Adnan Younus & Brothers are Co-founders,Operating,Marketing & lead the company with their strong Modern Management & well experienced profile dynamic team of professionals & It has been managed by Birnawia Commercial Co., a family company reputed for its suppliers of Cullet, i.e, Raw Materials to Glass Industries all over India & it is now diversified to Real Estate Marketing, Management of Properties & providing best Home to our customers . It has already won the heart and minds of hundred of customers & clients through its unique services mainly located in and around Kolkata. The management clearly understands the needs of its customers and is totally committed in providing for the finest home

The client stands at the forefront of everything the company does, as the company never forgets that a real client stands behind every square foot. "EmarEstate" is proud to provide an un-biased advisory service to all its clients keeping in mind the integrity of each transaction, adding value at every step of the transaction process and endorse the highest quality services.

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